Journey of Worship

My earliest childhood memories have a soundtrack of singing. Whether it was in church or in the windy fields of my grandparents’ farm in north Texas, I cannot remember NOT singing.

My journey with God has been an adventure I could not possibly have scripted. I am grateful for each person and experience God has used to teach, encourage and refine me. When living in Tokyo with our young family (four children and a dog), I experienced a deep low that seemed to have no end.

During that time, worship became my lifeline and my hope that led to renewal and restoration.

I enjoy leading others into the throne room of praise; often at conferences, retreats and chapels. I am blessed when it is on an African plain, boat on the Amazon River, in a living room, or in a homeless shelter. The song is the same and is eternal.

Thoughts About Worship

I believe worship comes from the heart as an expression of awe and gratitude to God for who He is, His blessings and work in our lives. It is a response to being in His Word.

Music is one of the vehicles of expression for worship. I have a deep love and respect for the hymns of the faith that I learned as a child. I enjoy and appreciate the contemporary worship songs and their heartfelt sound of praise. My personal favorite is a mix of the two. When leading worship, I choose songs the audience already knows as well as introduce a few new songs that inspire and speak of God’s character.

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