Come just as you are . . . Accept His invitation to enjoy His presence and celebrate His grace.

“The Invitation Project”
In-vi-ta-tion – A spoken or written request for someone’s presence or participation. An invitation invokes a sense of anticipation and opportunity to join in with others. A celebration.

“The Invitation Project” worship video series invites you to come just as you are and accept His invitation to be in His presence.  To celebrate the character of God, the saving grace of Jesus Christ as well as the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit. “The Invitation Project” is designed to be used for personal or corporate worship anytime and anywhere. Simple, singable arrangements are designed to be easy to join in or use to lead.

Prayerful consideration is given to each set for theme, content, response and timelessness. The songs can be sung separately or together for a seamless worship experience. The videos are perfect to use in a small gathering, large group, or class setting.

Who are we?

“The Invitation Project” is a response to groups of believers who desire to worship Him in song but find it difficult to pull the pieces together. It comes from the hearts and talents of several worship leaders in the Dallas area. “The Invitation Project” is produced and recorded by Brent Lamb (, Amy Nobles Lyday on keyboard (, and vocals by Joy Beless, Lindsey Sherrer and Jaclyn Wilhelm. We are grateful to the many friends and people who inspire the idea of “The Invitation Project” and have entered the throne room of praise with us.

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